When is Allergy Dust Testing Needed

Allergy dust testing is needed when your medical team needs more information about the environmental conditions of your home, office, or vehicle. We also perform dust testing when individuals need/want answers. It may be helpful to know what allergy triggers are built up inside your home, office, or vehicle.

How Composite Dust Testing is Done

We use a special collection bag on a small vacuum. We take composite dust samples from accessible areas. So the results will show all the allergens that have entered the building/vehicle and are now on the floor, behind your desk, under your bed, etc.

Often, it is more positive use time and money to have a professional deep cleaning performed. This will removed the built-up allergens(mold spores, dust mites, cockroach parts, etc). After this is done, we strongly recommend that you keep the windows and doors closed and run a true HEPA only air filter; either portable or inline on your HVAC system. Most of the Environmental Contractors do this type of work. Ask them to “HEPA vac and wipe down on all vertical and horizontal surfaces” just to make it very clear exactly what you want. Always get three quotes. Other cleaning companies may also offer this level of service. You may save $$$ by laundering your own bedding and clothing.

Consider cleaning your heating or HVAC system annually. Always replace the filter with a true-HEPA only filter, annually or as directed by the system manufacturer.

For your vehicles: do not wash the rugs or upholstery with water at the car wash. If you personally wash the removable rugs in your vehicle, be sure to dry them thoroughly before replacing inside the car. We cannot recommend washing upholstered seats. Call us for additional details, if you have a mold problem inside your vehicle.

Water + mold spores = a problem.

If you would like to discuss your needs, please give us a call. We will tell you honestly if we can be of help in your journey towards health without a runny noise.