Characteristics: Type I allergen. No reports as a pathogen. Not known as a toxigenic agent.

Description: It is often found in grasses, flowers, trees, and other living plant materials. It is disseminated as a dry spore by the wind while other species have an active spore release mechanism. For growth this fungus requires a living host plant for growth. As an allergen, it has been known to cause Type I allergen symptoms including hay fever and asthma. As it is a parasitic plant pathogen that is not reported to infect humans. It is not known to be a toxigenic agent. Rusts are members of the Basidiomycetes class. They have a complex life cycle, producing five different spore types in two different plant hosts. Spore types include: basidiospores, pycniospores, aeciospores, urediospores, and teliospores.

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