Characteristics: Allergen Type I and Type II, considered to be pathogenic, and not considered toxigenic.

Description: It is often found in plant material, soil, and as a fruit parasite in nature. Indoors, it is often found on walls, ceiling tiles, and on the reverse side of linoleum. It is also found in cement, paint, paper, wood, wool, and such foods as rice and butter. It may have little effect on the indoor air quality because the spores are not readily disseminated by air currents. It is usually disseminated as a dry spore by insects and the wind. As an allergen, it has been known to cause allergies such as hay fever and asthma. As a pathogen, it has been known to cause mycotic keratitis, rare skin infection, and a few cases of subcutaneous phaeohyphomycosis. It is not considered a toxigenic agent.

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