Toxic Mold

woman mold allergy

Woman with mold allergy.

The reasons for mold inspections vary widely. There are usually two main themes: someone is suffering from allergies, and building damage.

We are “building doctors” but we are sympathetic to people suffering from mold allergies. It takes time to diagnose a building(inspection), correct the issues (remediation), and confirm the mold is gone (verification).

The first thing we do is listen to the entire problem. Once we understand your goals we can create a Scope of Work. Using clear communication, achieving your goals is reached quickly.

Then we do a complete mold  inspection of your home, office or both. Sometimes this includes a questionnaire about your home’s recent maintenance. We ask questions and take photos. This information, plus professional testing, is evaluated and compiled into a  report. Our home inspection report is specific in the remediation/abatement cleanup necessary to return your home or office to a healthy indoor environment. Please note: Our building inspection reports are written for professional specialty contractors. Removal of toxic mold, lead, and/or asbestos requires training and specialized equipment.  Contact Us for mold testing cost and to schedule your in home inspection today.

What is Toxic Mold