Drechslera | Bipolaris | Exserohilum Group

Characteristics: Common allergen Type I, occasional pathogen, not known to be toxigenic.

Description: Group includes Drechslera, Bipolaris, Exserohilum and the rare Helminthosporium. It is often found in soil, plant debris, and as a plant pathogen on grass with a dark gray to brown coloration. It is disseminated as a dry spore by the wind. For indoor growth this fungus can grow on various surfaces. As an allergen, it has been known to cause Type I symptoms of hay fever and asthma. As a pathogen, it has rarely been known to cause phaeohyphomycosis (keratitis, sinusitis, and osteomyelitis) most often occurring in immunocompromised persons, although infections also occur in normal hosts. One case of brain abscess reported in an immunocompromised patient. It is not considered a toxigenic agent.

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