Characteristics: Possible allergen Type I. Uncommon pathogen. Is a toxigenic agent.

Description: It is often found in soil, seeds, cellulose substrates, dung, woody, and straw materials. Spores are formed inside of fruiting bodies and are forced out an opening and spread by wind, insects, water splash, or any other sort of major disturbance. Commonly found indoors on damp sheetrock paper. As an allergen, it is not well studies, but has been associated with causing Type I allergies including hay fever and asthma. As a pathogen, it has been reported to be an uncommon agent of onychomyocosis (nail infection). As a toxigenic agent, it produces chaetomin. Chaetomium globosum produces chaetoglobosins. Sterigmatocystin is produced by rare species. Other compounds produced (which may not be mycotoxins in the strict sense) include a variety of mutagens.

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