Bacteria (E. coli and Coliforms) Testing



E. Coli and Coliforms are types of bacteria commonly found in human and animal waste.

If there has been a sewage backup, toilet overflow, or wastewater leak that produces an odor, it needs to be professionally cleaned up. Isolate the areas impacted and call a professional abatement company. Your chosen abatement company should follow the national standard for bacterial removal which is the IICRC S500.  The IICRC S500 is the standard for sewage or black water clean up.  The IIRC S520 is the standard for mold clean up.

If you suspect a sewage leak or spill,  a preliminary coliform water test can be performed to determine the presence or absence of E.coli and the extent of the contamination.

After a sewage abatement (cleanup) and before the isolated areas are opened, bacterial testing should be performed to confirm the area can safely be re-occupied.

What is E. Coli and Coliforms