Characteristics: Allergen Type I and Type III; rare pathogen and unknown toxigenic agent.

Description: It is often found in soil, forest soil, fresh water, aerial portion of plants, fruit, marine estuary sediments, and wood with a cream to pink (young) or dark brown (old) coloration and a yeast-like texture. It is disseminated as a wet spore by water droplet and through air as a dry spore. For indoor growth this fungus requires moist conditions, commonly found in bathrooms or kitchens, on shower curtains, tile grout window sills, textiles, and liquid waste materials. As an allergen, it has been known to cause Type I (hay fever asthma) and Type III (hypersensitvity pneumonitis: Humidifier fever, Sauna taker’s lung) symptoms.

As a pathogen, it has been rarely linked to skin lesions, keratosis, spleen abscess in a lymphoma patient, and blood isolate from a leukemic patient. It is not known to be a toxigenic agent.

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