Characteristics: Allergen Type I and Type III also considered to be pathogenic and toxigenic.

Description: It is often found in soil, dead organic debris, hay, and food. This mold has a white, pale pink, or salmon coloration with a thinly velvety texture. When this mold is wet it moves in water droplets. When it is dry it blows in the wind.

To grow indoors, this fungus requires very wet conditions. Most species of Acremonium do not grow at 98.6°F.

Allergen: it has been known to cause both Type I and Type III symptoms.

Pathogen: it has been known to cause mycetoma, keratitis, onychomycosis as well as other rare infections reported in immunodeficient patients, and in persons with wound injuries.

Toxigenic agent: it produces cephalosporins, an important class of antibiotics. Acremonium was formerly referred to in the science world as Cephalosporium.

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