About Us


American Air Testing, San Francisco is a family based business, providing quality inspection services since 2001. Specializing in indoor air quality testing for contaminants including (but not limited) to asbestos, bacteria, lead-based paint, and mold. We are professionals, qualified by knowledge, skill, education, training, certifications, and experience. Our qualifications allow all members of our company to perform necessary assessments related to the condition of structures, systems, and contents at every job site. Since each clients needs differ we create an individualized sampling strategy for each project. 

Air Quality Testing and Inspections

All air quality testing and inspections include; samples of the indoor environment, which are submitted to an appropriate laboratory for analysis and a copy of our report which interprets both the site evaluation and the laboratory data. Considering all available data, an appropriate strategy can be developed to return your indoor air space to a healthy condition, if ,mold remediation is required we can refer you to one of our highly trusted contractors.

Remaining sympathetic to the impact environmental pollution and its cleanup can create in your life; we are happy to provide our recommendations for cleanup and repairs, remaining sensitive to both costs and liability while maintaining adherence to all local, state, and federal regulations.

To avoid conflict of interest, American Air Testing only performs testing services. We have no financial interest to find a problem. If an issue is found, we can provide a protocol to remedy the situation and can point you in the direction of abatement/remediation contractors who can perform the necessary work.

Our History

Our family began this business by testing for toxic molds, like black mold.  We soon realized that asbestos and lead-based paints often introduce additional contaminants .  In order to provide the most thorough air quality testing these must be considered. Due to the average age of properties constructed in the Bay Area, only by considering all three areas of concern can proper repair and cleaning protocols be established. Therefore in order to better serve the needs of our clients, we expanded our services to include testing for asbestos, lead-based paint, and bacteria.  Companies providing asbestos and lead-based paint testing  are required to have  state and federal licenses. You can view our current certification licenses. Additionally, bacterial testing is available to analyze for the presence/absence of E. Coli and Coli-forms as a result of a sewage spill or overflow.

By remaining a small business, we can take the time necessary to communicate thoroughly repair and cleaning instructions necessary to resolve the contaminant(s) found.  In addition we will discuss preventative maintenance and good housekeeping practices to improve your chances of preventing the problem(s) from returning.

Our Team

Michelle Riera Co-Owner

John Riera, Owner & Consultant

Johnny Riera, Co-Owner

Laura Riera CEO & President

Quality First!

American Air Testing believes in providing air quality testing through knowledge and experience.

Our Mission is to provide first class customer service by providing our clients with the knowledge to make good decisions regarding their environmental concerns.

We pride ourselves on delivering exponential service, this means you can expect our arrival on time for appointments, no  appointment windows. Our technician will call/text you when they are on the way, i.e. “Mr.Jones, we’re five minutes early.” or “Mrs. Smith, traffic on the bridge is worse than usual, and we will be about 10 minutes late.”

Every project is unique and one solution does not fit all. Our clients receive customized solutions while adhering to the federal, state and local laws that govern environmental repairs. Turnaround times for laboratory results and reports vary by contaminant and will be discussed with you thoroughly before our arrival or at the time of inspection to help better understand the timeline of your project.

We respect your time and budget. Our goal is to provide quality air testing, without financial damage from over-testing, ordering extensive  unnecessary work or use of inappropriate testing techniques. By following the specific industry standards and regulatory protocols for testing of all contaminants, you can rest assured that you have received the most accurate results. John Riera is the chief inspector. 

Your project deserves licensed and certified home inspectors, with current insurances.

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For Your Information if you choose to work with Other Consultants

Consider asking your Environmental Testing Consultant about if he/she has the following:

Credentials from a national organizations or better yet, a government agency.


Credentials from a national organization CAC or SST – CAC is better LRCIA or RRP
-Owner or employee?
-How Many Inspections has the person standing in your living room performed?
-Does this company paid for leads?
-Is your consultant being paid by a remediation company for a lead to your project? If so, there could be a conflict of your financial interest.