Buildings built before 1981 may contain asbestos building materials. Testing is recommended before any planned renovations or emergency repairs done in older buildings. After your project, clearance testing is always recommended.


We can test the dust in your home, office, or vehicle to find allergy triggers. Once you know what’s there, it’s easy to prevent build up. Once the triggers are gone from your environment, it’s much easier and quicker to get and stay better.

Toxic Mold

Mold growth happens inside buildings because water is where it doesn’t belong.
It’s faster,easier, and cheaper to find and fix the sources of the leaks before your start. After your project, clearance testing is always recommended.

Drinking Water

San Francisco is an old city with old plumbing. The water department tests to make sure it delivers lead-free water to your water main. If you suspect you have lead or lead solder in your pipes, then we should test your water.


Children under 7 years of age can suffer irreparable brain damage from ingesting lead. Children eat lead-based paint because it’s sweet. Don’t let this happen to your child or a child that you know. If lead is found by a Pediatrician, the building owner will receive a SFDBI Notice of Lead Violation. Find out more here.

E. coli

Stuff happens. Especially when we all live so close to each others’ bathrooms. It is not uncommon for our clients to live on the 2nd floor to have a ceiling covered with poo from the the 8th floor. If you can see it, get it professionally cleaned up – then call us to test to be sure it’s all cleaned up.

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