We test building materials for asbestos to prove it’s NOT there; you save money on the waste fees if it’s not asbestos.

The fibers have little hooks on them. So, when the fibers enter the lungs, they stay there. Because of the well known health implications of these fibers, testing and cleanup are strictly regulated by federal, state, county and city governments. We are not medically trained; please ask your medical team questions about your specific situation.

Asbestos containing products continue to be widely produced and used throughout the world. Unfortunately ACM is still sold in many hardware and auto parts stores. Vehicle brake pads were commonly made from asbestos.

There are three main kinds of analysis:

TEM asbestos air sampling – air testing used for clearance after abatement is preformed. This test looks for asbestos fibers only. This testing is recommended for schools, hospitals or any public place.

 PCM asbestos air sampling – air testing also used for clearance after asbestos abatement is performed. This analysis method looks for all types of fibers. Asbestos clearance is achieved when the fiber count is below the Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL).

PLM asbestos bulk sampling – material testing for asbestos. This type of testing is performed to determine if building materials contain asbestos. By knowing which building materials contain asbestos contractors can reduce the amount of materials that are required to go to a toxic dump site.

EPA List of Common ACM Building Materials. This is not a complete list. The materials listed may contain asbestos, but need testing to determine the presence or absence.

Both TEM and PCM analysis methods are accepted in California. Every project has different needs and budgets. We will be glad to discuss your individual needs.