Asbestos Notice of Violation

An Asbestos Notice of Violation has been issued for a property that you own.  We can help.  We are licensed, experienced and insured to test for asbestos.

We have worked with the SF Building Dept. and know what it takes to correct an asbestos notice of violation.  Usually when the issuing Inspector from the San Francisco Building Department is notified that you are working to correct the asbestos problem, normally the Inspector will work with you on the timeline.  If you ignore the asbestos notice of violation, the penalties may become significant. The San Francisco Building Depart has the power to put a lien on your building, as well as multiple other legal methods to force compliance.

Asbestos is a known carcinogen.  It normally takes long term exposure to higher levels of asbestos to create a mesothelioma problem. It is very simple to avoid the health problems cause by asbestos by reducing or eliminating exposure risks.   This affects all people living in the building, as well as permanent workers.

Asbestos is easily cleaned up by a professional abatement contractor.  Here’s a link to some local, insured, licensed asbestos abatement professionals.