• Mushrooms are mold.
    Mushrooms are mold.
  • Toxic mold inspection testing.
    DIY mold swab sample.
  • Lead paint testing.
    Lead paint testing.
  • Asbestos testing.
    Asbestos testing.

We’re here to answer your questions; environmental issues are complicated.

We specialize in toxic mold, asbestos, lead and environmental chemical inspections and testing.

Every project is different.  If you understand the complete problem and possible solutions, you can make much better decisions.

American Air Testing also performs infrared water leak detection.  That means we find the leaks’ sources and give you photos for your contractor to successfully repair.  We can also perform drying verification after a water spill.

We are insured, licensed, credentialed and experienced.

By having your own consultant you can avoid costly mistakes like your roofer pointing an infrared camera at your ceiling and telling you it doesn’t leak, when, in reality, it’s leaking like a sieve.   You may even save yourself a court case with a tenant by hiring an experienced, credentialed and insured environmental consultant.  We can help landlords identify and measure a contamination problems and give guidance through the cleanup and post cleanup testing.  Final testing is critical to answer any questions tenants, buyers, sellers, etc., may have.

It can save you a lot of money to have an accurate picture of the extent of contamination from mold, bacteria, asbestos, lead or chemicals, and, most importantly, the reasons that caused the contamination in the first place. Guidance for contamination clean up is also provided in a written report that includes photos and any lab results.

Many people call and want one, inexpensive “indoor air quality test”.  We wish that existed, but it doesn’t today.  As an example, when testing for chemicals, one test finds VOCs, another test finds formaldehyde, a third test is needed for pesticides, a fourth test for heavy metals, etc.  You get the idea.

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